Putrid Wargames Supplies Blog May 2014 Week 1: G+ and Community Updates

Putrid News

Behemoth of Decay arrives home


This amazing model, a Behemoth of Decay from Titan Forge, was painted for us by Clint Cooke, of the Adaptus Paintarium commission painting group. It’s a one-off piece, mainly for display and scaring off people at the front door.


Clint has done a great job of going one stage further on this model. As well as the painting, he’s added a great looking scenic base, depicting the giant daemon taking on (and presumably besting) a Space Marine biker.


Below are a few more images of the finished piece. If you want anything done as a commission job, we are more than happy to recommend Clint and his group. To arrange a commission  contact them via their Facebook page, or by email at:


Now, for more pics…





G+: the new Facebook

We plan to move more of our updates from Facebook to Google’s G+ platform. This is because Facebook’s methods of ‘encouraging’ paid-for advertising mean very few of you are able to view our updates, and this number gets smaller as the months go by. We feel that this isn’t fair on either us as a small business, or you as customers and fans of the page. So in the next few weeks, you will see an increased presence on G+, where our updates will be both free and seen by all who seek it.

Friends of Putrid

Ichiban Painting

Ichiban has been running a Kickstarter for his new line of premium paintbrushes, the Games & Gears Ichiban Painting Pro Line,  and has just passed the £50,000 marker. To find out more on this, and if you wish to support it before it finished in 11 days,  click here.

Power Armoured Metal

Matt’s reignited his interest in the Siege of Vraks Warhammer 40k army. Check out this fresh start here.


The WGC’s just uploaded a new battle report for Warhammer Fantasy Battles, pitching the dark Warriors of Chaos against the boisterous (and very large) Ogre Kingdoms. View the carnage below:

Troll Trader

The Troll Trader team has just finished this well painted Knight titan. Check their page out for more on this and other models.

If you have any questions about the move to G+, our ranges or anything hobby or order-related , feel free to contact us:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/putridpainting

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/putridpainting

Email: putridpainting@gmail.com



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